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Powerhouse Store PROSE about Mr Jasper Says

Powerhouse Store PROSE about Mr Jasper Says

We are very proud to have been featured in the most recent Powerhouse Store PROSE. For the full story, written by the incredible team at Powerhouse Store, go to

“Man loves company - even if it is only that of a small burning candle.”

– Georg C. Lichtenberg.


Can stories be told by a scent. Can the duality of masculine and feminine be captured in a smell. Do we confine earthy, tobacco, sandalwood, and leather notes to be of exclusive masculine association? Are masculine and feminine energies drawn to certain fragrances for a particular reason? 

Pam Doerf of Mr Jasper Says recognised these different archetypes of masculinity and femininity and created a candle company out of a gap in the market. Candles are often based on fruity, floral or sweet scents; Mr Jasper Says stands in a lane of its own with an embrace of masculinity that both women and men can enjoy. Pam designs, hand-pours, and labels these candles out of the Yarra Valley.

In a union between the heart’s desires and the mind’s aspirations, Mr Jasper Says candles are named after different kinds of guys. The ‘Kinda Guy’ persona of Candles is cheeky, frolicsome, and approachable enough for the guy next door to identify himself. Each candle is infused with the story of a personality as the final top note. From ‘#2 The Sweet Kinda Guy’ to ‘#9 The Bad Boy Kinda Guy’. Number 9 was the first candle Pam ever made and, to this day, is her bestseller. 

Pam was no stranger to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as she lost her holiday rental business in the midst. From this unfortune bloomed her true passion for candle-making, spurred on by the rave reviews she received from loved ones. To that, candle-making became a therapy in channelling grief towards something constructive. “After losing the business, making candles helped me with the process and working through this”, recalls Pam.

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