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"#5" - The suit kinda guy.

"#5" The candle for men that are you labelled sharp, fashionable, or stylish and command second-looks sporting a slim cut suit.


Are you labeled sharp, fashionable, or stylish? If you command second-looks sporting a slim-cut suit, then the musk and rich saffron undertones will do the same when someone walks into your home.


Oudh, Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Saffron



  • Hand-poured in Australia 
  • Coco-soy or soy-based wax non-toxic
  • Cotton Wick
  • Glass jar, Amber colored (medium size with screw lid)
  • Net weight - 160 to 400g (refer to size options)
  • Burning time - 30 to 65 hours (refer to size options)
  • Labels come in either grey or black depending on availability
  • Each candle is made by hand and therefore unique 

For detailed candle safety & care - view FAQs

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