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"#7" - The passionate kinda guy.

"#7" The candle for men with smooth moves on the dance floor being their secret weapon. Candle for men of the passionate kinda type


Smooth moves on the dance floor are your secret weapon. If they follow you home for an encore, the magnetic pull of this fragrant combination will heighten what happens behind closed doors.


Sea Salt, Cubans, Ocean Breeze



  • Hand-poured in Australia
  • Coco-soy or soy-based wax non-toxic
  • Cotton Wick
  • Glass jar, Amber colored (medium size with screw lid)
  • Net weight - 160 to 400g (refer to size options)
  • Burning time - 30 to 65 hours (refer to size options)
  • Labels come in either grey or black depending on availability
  • Each candle is made by hand and therefore unique 

For detailed candle safety & care - view FAQs

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