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Men Love Candles, Too! Just not the ones you are used to

Man with a lighter to light man candle

Scented candles were always a women’s thing, but since we live in a progressive world-- candles are not just for women nowadays. Men love candles, too and there is no shame in that. Whether you like the sweet, floral, or fruity candle scents or want to discover different candle scents that are explicitly made for men and some women to enjoy-- you are in the right place. 

Most candles are fruity and sweet-- which aren’t the most common adjectives that correlates to men. Instead of just giving in to the fruity and sweet flavors, Mr. Jasper from Mr Jasper Says saw it as an opportunity to experiment with different fragrance oils and scents to create the perfect candle fragrances made explicitly for “him.” 

Curious on what masculine scents Mr. Jasper came up with? Well, think of everything that promotes masculinity. Think leather jackets, musk, fast cars, and more. These scents might be made for men, but they are made for women to enjoy as well-- perfect for spending a romantic dinner or a relaxing wellness day for you and the lady. 

Candles for men are masculine scented options for his bachelor pad, his bathroom, man cave or his office. These scents are not too overpowering, and they only include just the right amount for people to enjoy without being overwhelmed or drowning. Leave the sweet fragrances to the ladies-- here are some of the scents for men:

  • Bamboo, Musk, Oudh, Masculine Scent from the Middle East
  • Cloves, Sandalwood, Dark Vanilla, Audh Wood
  • Cacao, Amber, Vanilla, Oak Moss
  • Aquamarine, Oak Moss, Musk, Suede
  • Sandalwood, Saffron, Amber Musk, Oudh

These scents are a product of masculine scents that will remind you of things and activities related to men. They are very fragrant, but also have a distinct aroma that you will instantly relate to “him.”

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Why Consider A Monthly Candle Subscription With Mr Jasper Says?

Why Consider A Monthly Candle Subscription With Mr Jasper Says?

The Minimalist Kinda Guy.

The Minimalist Kinda Guy.

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