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The Minimalist Kinda Guy.

The Minimalist Kinda Guy.

This candle doesn’t only give off a good scent, but it also lets you in on an experience of a lifetime. If there is one word to describe the “Minimalist Kinda Guy Candle,” it is contentment-- which means a state of happiness and satisfaction. 

It also means not wanting anything more than what you have. Imagine scrolling through your feed on social media and looking at your friends with their new cars, gadgets, and their life full of luxury. Because you are a minimalist, you know that what your friends have and what they achieved have nothing to do with you. You are not affected nor jealous of your friends. In fact, you are happy for them-- and that is the true essence of being a minimalist. And that is the essence and aroma of what this candle represents. 

If you want to feel contentment, satisfaction, and happiness without buying more than what you need-- the scent of this candle can help you achieve this state.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t buy luxurious items-- but rather, you only need to buy what you need. Do you need a watch? A true minimalist will only buy one watch. It can be an expensive watch or an ordinary watch that is versatile enough so that you can wear them with suits and casual wear alike. 

In fact, minimalists prefer to buy expensive things because it means it is made to last, and you will only need to buy them a few times in your life.

It is pretty much the same as this candle. Because of its 30 to 65-hour burning time, you don’t need to buy a lot of them-- you only need just one. They are made by hand and made with non-toxic scents, and packed neatly-- kind of like satisfaction in a jar!


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