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Mr Jasper Says “The Passionate Kinda Guy” Man Candle

Mr Jasper Says “The Passionate Kinda Guy” Man Candle

Discover a unique scent that you won’t find anywhere else-- made explicitly for a passionate kind of guy like you.

The Passionate Kinda Guy

They say that passion leads to success, and being passionate in whatever you do can only yield the best results. But, no matter what you are passionate about, if it’s work, art, family, music, acting, and many more-- having the proper focus and mindset is the best way to get to the road to success. 

This candle features a combination of Sea Salt, Cubans, and Ocean Breeze fragrance notes. They are very masculine scents you won’t find in any store. These scents are definitely made to inspire and get you ready for the challenge that is life.

It is truly a work of art. These non-toxic candles are hand-poured in Australia, but wherever you are in the world, you would definitely appreciate what this Passionate Kinda Guy Candle has to offer.

Challenges are meant to be overcome, and failure is necessary. But nothing can beat the fire inside your heart brought to you by your passion. This candle is here to sustain that fire- literally and figuratively. 

Passion Leads to Success

Success will come from you, but your inspiration can come from this unique scented candle. It gives off a certain vibe to give it your all-- whether you are on the dancefloor, the stage, or even at work. 

If you want to continue to impress and surprise the people around you with your passion for what you love, this candle is made to accompany you every step of the way. The rich aroma is designed to make sure you are always on top of your game in whatever you do.

So make sure you don’t miss out on the experience and enjoy up to 30 hours of burning time with the “Passionate Kinda Guy Candle.”

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