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The Gym Kinda Guy Candle for Men: What Makes it Special?

The Gym Kinda Guy Candle for Men: What Makes it Special?

Calling all men who spend their time at the gym to improve their health and build their strength, this candle is made just for you!

Going to the gym is not just for bodybuilding anymore. Many people go to the gym to work on their cardiovascular health to build strength and immunity. Working out a quick sweat is essential for removing the toxins from your body, making working out a natural anti-oxidant. 

Gym Essentials

The usual men’s gym essentials include training shoes, joggers or sweatpants, a shirt, and a towel. But did you know that the alluring fragrance of a candle can help men get ready for the gym as well? You might think it is funny, but in reality-- the scent of a candle can motivate you to be more energetic. And appreciating candle scents is not just a woman thing anymore-- it is something that anyone can appreciate. 

Mr Jasper Says

Here at Mr Jasper Says, we specialise in creating scents made explicitly for men with different personalities. If you are an avid gym-goer, we have the alluring fragrance just for you! If you like to regularly hit it hard at the gym, you will need the motivation from a manly aroma that only Mr Jasper Says can produce.  

The “Gym Kinda Guy Candle” is for people who do not like to take it easy. It is for people who give their all when working out at the gym. Whether they are going hard on the weights and pushing their limits with the amount of weight they can carry, this candle is a product that can back you up with its strong manly fragrance. Whether you like to rest or just want to keep going until you achieve your ultimate goal-- the “Gym Kinda Guy” candle is something you are going to need!

Should I Get a Candle?

These candles are designed and hand-poured in the Yarra Valley. This candle symbolises being a motivated person who will never quit! If quitting is not in your vocabulary, this candle and its scent will represent your ideals the most.

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The Candle for Man: A gift any man would appreciate

Why Consider A Monthly Candle Subscription With Mr Jasper Says?

Why Consider A Monthly Candle Subscription With Mr Jasper Says?

The Suit Kinda Guy.

The Suit Kinda Guy.

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