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The Candle for Man: A gift any man would appreciate

Discover this new concept of having a Candle for Man and masculine scented candles, which is actually an excellent gift for him on any occasion.

Men having scented candles is quite a new concept, but it does make sense since women are not the only ones with the sense of smell. Plus, because of this entirely new concept born in the land down under-- you will never have to worry about finding the best gift for him!

These masculine scented candles from Australia are not just like any regular candle for man-- They feature different scents that can fit any man’s personality and preference. In addition, they are composed of genuinely unique masculine aromas that you cannot just find anywhere-- making it an innovative and progressive concept that reinvents the wheel.

Benefits of Candles for Men

  • It is an excellent gift idea - Candles for men make an excellent gift idea. Whether you are thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas, a unique gift for him, and a gift that anyone can appreciate on any occasion-- a man candle might be the one. We are pretty sure that a candle for men is a special gift that men hardly ever receive on any special occasion.

If you cannot decide which gift you want, you can always get them all with the Tealight Sample Pack!

  • Each personality has the right scent - Scented candles for men come in different manly scents that fit their personality. And getting a unique gift that suits someone’s personality makes an excellent personalised gift that shows that you put thought into it-- making the gift unforgettable. Each of the scents fit any personality-- whether you are a nice guy type, a bad boy type, a nature lover, a romantic-- and more.
  • They smell awesome - There might be a lot of benefits to having your own man candle, but the bottom line is that-- the scents smell absolutely fantastic! The scents also put you in the mood for anything you want to do-- whether you want to work or just want to sit, relax, and enjoy a cold one.

Mr Jasper Says Signature Scents

Minimalist Kinda Guy  - The minimalist scent of this candle for man is straightforward, which fits any type of minimalist. The scent is for people, specifically men who are down-to-earth who choose uniqueness over luxury.

The Gym Kinda Guy - If you love to go to the gym and work on your form, this scent will inspire you to work out hard to achieve your goals.

The Bad Boy Kinda Guy - If you rock a bad boy persona, this scent will suit you the most. It is a masculine scent that goes well with your personality.

The Surfer Kinda Guy - Surf’s UP! If you like to hang loose and enjoy riding the waves, this scent will definitely remind you of the good times at the beach.

The Suit Kinda Guy - If you are all business and want to look and smell sharp for clients during meetings in your home or office-- this scent is an excellent option for men in sleek suits!

The Passionate Kinda Guy - If you are the passionate type who is enthusiastic about what they are passionate about-- this scent will enhance that firey feeling!

The Romantic Kinda Guy - If you are the romantic type of guy who always wants the girls head over heels and swoop them off their feet-- this scent will definitely match your style!

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