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The Suit Kinda Guy.

The Suit Kinda Guy.

If there is one word to describe the “Suit Kinda Guy” candle for men-- that word is “Class.” Everything from the look, the colour, the scent, and the packaging of this candle screams elegance-- kind of reminding you to suit up and get ready to hustle with confidence. 

Men who can rock a suit as daily clothes are gifted with such confidence that unfortunately, not everyone possesses. If you are a man who can’t leave home without a shirt, jacket, tie, pants, or fancy shoes-- this candle is made just for you. 

Everything about this candle, from the scent to its packaging is reminiscent of a well-ironed suit, shiny shoes, cufflinks, fashionable ties and more. People who wear suits know what it means to wear couture clothing, and just like your beloved suits--these candles will complete the look of your wardrobe, no matter where you light them up.

Imagine a scented candle that gives off a scent that reminds you of class and elegance. A candle that is sleek, just like you when you go to work rocking a slim-cut suit and a slim tie. If you already have a couture suit, the next thing you will need is the confidence-- brought to you by the fascinating and fragrant aroma every time you light this candle up!

A couple of things you should know about the candle is that it is heavy, and the larger variation lasts up to 65 hours of burning time. Thanks to its safety jar, it is safe to light up the candle for hours without killing the flame. 

Just like your suit, this candle is also tailored to your lifestyle. it is made by hand, and made to last. The labels, jar colour, and unique scents are created for men to wear and others to smell.


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